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Supply Chain | Energy Efficiency | Sustainability

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Supply Chain | Energy Efficiency | Sustainability

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Strategic Context

The Most Important Stage of the Sustainability Journey

Global Green House Gas Emissions (CO2 Equivalent)

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Supply Chain Approach

Our supply chain approach works end-to-end, identifying the 'Energy Building Blocks' of your processes, measuring resource use and efficiency, in order to target energy and emissions reductions where they are most cost effective:

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Key Questions

Our Approach
Industrialising Sustainability 2.0

We are striving to be at the fore-front of the new industrial revolution: building sustainability into long term strategy and executing plans to improve operations, energy efficiency and emissions.  Three types of Network are driving this: 

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Shared Economy Networks

Renewable Material Circular Networks

Renewable Energy Networks

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Forming Renewable Energy Networks

 Our use of renewable energy is an integral part of our business and supply chain strategies, by:

  • Working with partners who understand how we bring technology together.​

  • Understanding the collective power profile.​

  • Demand management and agile tariffs.

  • Generating, storing and smoothing power on site.​

  • Sourcing offsite the remaining needs.​

  • Accessing green finance to enable business cases.

We'll also soon be launching our Neutral Home service, which is already applying our energy and CO2 saving expertise to the UK's domestic housing sector:

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Case Studies

Neutral Supply Chain undertakes research programmes with industrial and academic partners to determine the viability of future technologies and bio-technologies:

Case Study
Field Trial & Business Cases


Instituto de Biologia Molecular y
Celular de Plantas, Valencia

Royal Holloway University of London

Max Planck Institute, Potsdam

KTH, Stockholm

VIB, Ghent

University of Oxford

John Innes Centre

Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna

Queensland University of Technology

Fraunhofer Institute

Consortium Members

Case Study
Business Cases & Marketing
Case Studies

Our main area of work is in providing strategic planning, project design and implementation on supply chains and sustainability to commercial customers: 

Case Study
Havi Logistics
Sustainability Strategy
Case Study
Inchcape Shipping Services
UNSOS Rations Supply

Neutral Supply Chain is proud to be the European agent for the 'Dynamic Supply Chain' methodology devised by the noted academic and author, Dr John Gattorna:

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Contact us to find out more about John Gattorna's workshops or our Supply Chain and Sustainability services:

Our People

Our Partners

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Supply Chain and

Business Consultancy

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