Suppply Chain Strategy


An operational recovery plan was rapidly agreed and delivered operationally on the ground.

Substantial contract losses in 2014 were reduced to break-even in 2015 and improved to a substantial profit in 2016.

The United Nations Support Office in Somalia provides support to the international effort to bring peace to the region.  In 2010 ISS won the contract to provide rations to the African

Union force of some 33,000 troops. 


In September 2014 ISS engaged Neutral Supply Chain support to turn around this contract, which had turned into a huge loss maker for the company. The rescue plan was written and approved.  A new contract team was built and relocated from Dubai to Mombasa, the location of ISS’s consolidation warehouse. 

In 2015 the contract achieved and sustained key performance indicators for the first time, improving UN relations and as a result ISS was awarded a much delayed amendment to the contract, which became the largest the UN had ever let, worth approaching half a billion US$. The team then successfully mobilised transport operations across Somalia.

ISS Warehouse in Mogadishu

Rations re-supply by helicopter in Somalia

Supply Chain Strategy 

Inchcape Shipping Services' UNSOA Contract


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