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Maritime Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions currently account for 3% of total global emissions, which is a footprint the size of Germany's.

In 2018 the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) announced the following about the sustainability of global shipping and its Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.  Click the arrows to see how Neutral Supply chain is setting out to tackle the net zero challenge in the maritime sector:


Net Zero Shipping By 2050

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Supply Chain | Energy Efficiency | Sustainability

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Integrating and synchronising the Land and Marine Supply Chains will remove many inefficiencies and GHG emission intensity:

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To shine a light in the black hole:

It's not sufficient to track only your vessel and only your cargo ...  

... We need to understand how the whole eco-system works, particularly in the port interfaces.


Neutral Supply Chain is working with its strategic partner Nisomar Ventures Ltd to provide new technology based tools and answers to the marine sector:

- Real time information and predictive analysis coupled with World Class Supply Chain Management.

- Attack the $20bn of “delay costs” in global ports.

- Develop sustainability strategy and help maritime businesses and organisations to implement.

- Virtualize the role of Port Agents and automate much of their role.

- Provide Charterers/Owners with information to make optimal price decisions

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