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Incorporating renewable energy into our projects is a routine part of what we do to reduce through-life cost and carbon footprint.  Neutral Supply Chain has over ten years' experience of site assessments, business case construction and selection of suitable suppliers in the following renewable technologies:

  • Solar PV from domestic to industrial scale

  • Wind Turbine feasibility

  • Biofuels for transport fleets or heat & power generation

  • Sourcing of renewable power for industrial & commercial

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Supply Chain | Energy Efficiency | Sustainability

Our work with McDonald's Supply Chain in Japan, particularly in the area of new warehouse design contributed to their adoption of large-scale solar PV arrays on warehouse roofs, shown here in Hiroshima.

We combine on-site renewable electricity generation with battery storage and demand management to enable the building of the UK's first Micro Grids.  By taking advantage of the emerging market for variable tariff charging we can take energy savings to the next level of cost reduction.


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Wide-scale battery storage of power, demand management and flexible tariffs have now become commercially available and viable in the UK.  This is Neutral Supply Chain's vision of how we will build power networks of commercial and domestic users, working together with our Partners via our new ventures: Neutral Home and Neutral Networks:

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