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Conducting Research


With Neutral Supply Chain your business strategy or research programme is underpinned by robust research and meticulous support.  We draw on our extensive network and deep commercial experience, and use both primary and secondary research methods.  Resources at our disposal through our business partners extend to a UKAS accredited commercial laboratory and biofuel development facility.  Our original insights and innovation have addressed our clients’ needs effectively in many past projects, from the EU-funded biotech project MultiBioPro, to cost and carbon efficiency strategy for the McDonald’s corporation, and a turnaround programme for the United Nations’ largest rations supply contract.

Research and Support

Research Trials

EU Framework Programmes

NSC has operated under the EC’s 7th and 8th Framework programmes since 2012.  It  is recognised by the EC as a registered organisation under Horizon 2020, and has a track record of delivery earned over the last five years.  It is a consortium partner for Newcotiana, a 4½ year Horizon 2020 research project, which will kick-off in Q1 2018.

Supporting your Research Programmes


Our research offerings come in the form of reports, business cases, key elements of product lifecycle analysis, or a combination of all these according to clients’ needs.  NSC has the experience gained by designing and implementing its programmes in the real world against stiff commercial criteria.

We bring that commercial rigour to academic research programmes, and at the same time have an instinctive understanding of the needs of academic partners, when working with the commercial world to bring embryonic products to market.

NSC has deep experience of a wide range of academic and commercially led research projects

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