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Our People

Louis Notley
Managing Director of Neutral Supply Chain

Jon has over 30 years experience as a consultant and practitioner in supply chain management, with the last 10 years in energy efficiency /carbon reduction in logistics and in Maritime ERP systems. 

Formerly the Strategy and Innovation director for DHL Supply Chain where he co-founded Deutsche Post DHL’s sustainability venture

The Neutral Group.  Previously was a Partner with Accenture where he helped create the Global Supply Chain Practice.

Jon has a BSc Mechanical Engineering (1st Class Hons.) from The City University, London.

Over the last five years Louis has delivered a very varied range of projects for Neutral Supply Chain, with customers such as Regenesis Bioenergy Ltd, a biofuel producer, Inchcape Shipping Services and the McDonald’s 

Corporation across Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa.

Most recently he was the architect and

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implementer of a turnaround programme for Inchcape Shipping Services' $100M p.a. food supply chain serving the UN in East Africa, where his rescue package turned a $20M+ loss in 2014 into profitable operations by mid 2015.

Prior to this Louis spent over 20 years as a logistics specialist with the Royal Navy, with operational tours in the surface flotilla, nuclear submarines, Iraq and Afghanistan.  His last appointment was as Logistics Commander of HMS ILLUSTRIOUS, the UK’s Strike Aircraft Carrier.

Louis holds a BSc (Hons) in Systems and Management and an MBA (Defence) from Cranfield University.

William Notley

Foundation.  He has also worked on natural capital perceptions and engagement with members from government departments.  He is an avid scuba diver who spends his spare time working on marine expeditions around the world. 

Will holds a MSc (Distinction) in Marine Environmental Management from the University of York and completed a BSc (Hons) in Environmental Science from the University of Exeter. 

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Will joins the team as a recently qualified master’s student who has 5 years’ experience of scientific data management in the field. He is knowledgeable on data analysis, science communication and stakeholder engagement.  So far, his career has led to him working abroad for NGOs such as Operation Wallacea and with the Blue Marine

Jon Bumstead
Co-founder and Head of Neutral Supply Chain
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