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Neutral Supply Chain was formed in 2011 from its then parent company, The Neutral Group.  With its roots as a DHL start-up it took on the mission to assist large corporate, government and research organisations to deliver their sustainability and supply chain programmes, through strategy development and implementation.  To assist it has split the carbon abatement challenge into four logical steps:

the carbon footprint and energy intensity of an operation

all energy consumption and associated carbon emissions where possible, by using existing assets more efficiently

waste streams wherever possible

inefficient ‘brown’ equipment and energy with more sustainable green technologies and energy sources

Sustainability Methodology

Measure & Manage: Measure the energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas emissions of operations and benchmark on a standardised scale.  Analyse energy usage and engage employees to reduce consumption.

Target Outcome: Set a clear energy and GHG emissions baseline and achieve 10% energy savings.

Reduce: Use the energy data to identify where more efficient solutions, e.g. lighting or truck routing, can be cost effectively deployed to reduce consumption.

Target Outcome: 20% to 30% energy savings

Reuse: Assess current waste generation and determine what can be 'returned to value': re-used locally or by others, recycled or used to generate energy.

Target Outcome: Zero waste to landfill

Replace: 'Brown' with 'Green' energy from renewable energy sources, e.g. solar and wind, maximise on-site generation and source remaining needs externally.

Target Outcome: Net Zero emissions by 2050

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