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… We work with others where we have not done so before ...

... and replace what we used for those who come next …

Neutral Services


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Supply Chain Strategy

Sustainability 1.0 - Increasing efficiency to stop the growth of GHG emissions by 2015

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Neutral Services


Neutral Services
Forming Renewable Energy Networks


 Our use of renewable energy is an integral part of our business and supply chain strategies, by:

- Finding synergistic partners.

- Understanding the collective power profile.

- Generating, storing and smoothing on site.

- Sourcing offsite the remaining needs.

- Accessing green financing. 

Re-use of previously waste materials, from recycling to exploring new materials is key to:

- Exploiting the“Return to value” funnel

- From paying for waste to recovering value.

- Products becoming services and creating ”sticky relationships”

- From managing inefficient reverse supply chains to creating renewable networks.

Material Circular Networks


Sustainability 3.0 - The Evergreen Economy to cut GHG emissions by 50% by 2050

Neutral Supply Chain undertakes research programmes with industrial and academic partners to determine the viability of future technologies and bio-technologies:

Case Study
Field Trial & Business Cases
Horizon 2020 Project MultiBioPro

Royal Holloway University of London

Max Planck Institute, Potsdam

KTH, Stockholm

VIB, Ghent

University of Oxford

John Innes Institute

Universität für Bodenkultur, Vienna

Queensland University of Technology

Consortium Members



With NSC's work for the McDonald's Corporation, the strategy came first.

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Assessing warehouse operations in a Taiwanese DC during NSC's project for HAVI Logistics and McDonald's

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Sustainability 2.0 - Second Wave of the Sustainability Journey

Wherever you are on the journey, Neutral Supply Chain helps you build and execute strategies, in three distinct waves, to build fully sustainable supply chains for your organization to meet your obligations.

Measure and manage energy efficiency and GHG intensity programmes to reduce consumption by 30%.

Building renewable energy networks, circular material networks and shared economies.

Research potential programmes to power the future clean economy.

How do we shape a coherent sustainability programme?


Do we have a carbon footprint baseline? How do we measure our scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions?


What insights can we get from proper assessment and energy benchmarking exercise?


Do we set an intensity or absolute target? What targets are achievable and in what time-frame?


Where should we “reduce” and where do we “replace”?


What are the proven efficiency approaches and what payback periods do they produce?


What lessons have been learned on people engagement and how do we communicate this in an authentic fashion?


What are the real business benefits we can expect?

Case Study
Havi Logistics
Sustainability Strategy

Sustainability 2.0 - Industrializing the platform to cut GHG emissions by 25% by 2030

Case Study
Business Cases & Marketing
Horizon 2020 Project Newcotiana
Further Case Studies


Case Study
BTX Business Direct
Parcel Exchange Strategy
Case Study
Inchcape Shipping Services
UNSOS Rations Supply
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